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Documenting the Lifestyle – Your 2023 National Golden Spur Award Honors Recipient Videos

Produced by Ultra Light Films

45th National Golden Spur Award Honoree

Craig Haythorn | Haythorn Land & Cattle Co.

Arthur, Nebraska

Craig Haythorn is the fourth generation of Haythorns to own and operate Haythorn Land & Cattle Co. in Arthur, Nebraska. At age four, he went on his first cattle drive and by age 13 was put in charge of the hay crew. After college, Haythorn moved back to Nebraska where he began managing the family’s south ranch. Since the first generation of Haythorns, the ranch has dedicated resources to developing its horses. Haythorn’s commitment to his ancestors’ vision in the horse program earned Haythorn Land & Cattle the AQHA’s first-ever Best Remuda Award in 1992.

His hard work and dedication to the ranching way of life has earned him the 2008 Western Horseman Award and the 2019 Foy Proctor Memorial Cowman’s Award of Honor. In addition, Haythorn has received numerous rodeo honors, and many state and national rodeo championships. Today, Haythorn leads the fourth, fifth and sixth generations of the storied Haythorn Land & Cattle Co. along with his family.

5th Ranching Heritage Association Working Cowboy Award

Jimbo Humphreys | Guitar Ranches

Dickens, Texas

James “Jimbo” Humphreys has pursued cowboy life from various directions during his 52-year career by making a living punching cows, cooking on chuck wagons, training horses, building fences and corrals, and crafting bits and spurs. Humphreys got his start at an early age on the Pitchfork Land & Cattle Co. ranch where his father served as ranch manager for most of his childhood. As a chuck wagon cook, he cooked for several well-known ranching figures, including Ray Hunt, Bob Moorhouse, Buster Welch and Craig Haythorn.

As Humphreys entered back into the horse business, he introduced Ray Hunt’s gentler approach to horse training at the Pitchfork ranch and mastered another skill – building bits and spurs. His involvement in the horse industry led to competing in the Stock Horse Association of Texas and involvement in the American Quarter Horse Association and Ranch Horse Association of America. In 1995, Humphreys started working for the Guitar Ranches, a third-generation family-run operation, earning the role of ranch manager and cowboying daily.



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