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The National Golden Spur Award and the Ranching Heritage Association Working Cowboy Award are the most prestigious awards given by the ranching and livestock industries.  Annually, the Western community comes together to recognize the inspiring honorees of these accolades through the National Golden Spur Award Honors.


Learn more about the awards and past recipients on the National Ranching Heritage Center website

The Awards

"The National Golden Spur Award is the most prestigious national honor given to one person by both the ranching and livestock industries."

National Golden Spur Award

The National Golden Spur Award is presented in recognition of exceptional accomplishments by an individual. Established in 1978, the award has been conferred upon iconic industry leaders whose unparalleled devotion to land and livestock has earned them notable respect and admiration from their peers.


The award also emphasizes the humanistic, scientific and technological contributions of the ranching and livestock industries to society. Six ranching and livestock organizations have historically sponsored the award: American Quarter Horse Association, National Cattlemen’s Foundation, Ranching Heritage Association, Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, Texas Cattle Feeders Association and Texas Farm Bureau. 

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The Rancher

The National Golden Spur Award presentation piece, “The Rancher,” was sculpted by Harold Holden and was created exclusively for the purpose of recognizing the National Golden Spur Award recipient.

RHA Working Cowboy Award

The Ranching Heritage Association (RHA) developed the RHA Working Cowboy Award in 2018 to recognize outstanding men and women who make their living in the saddle taking care of livestock and the land on a daily basis.  The recipient must be skilled in all aspects of ranch work and respected by the ranch crew and ranching community. The award also emphasizes the candidate’s integrity, impact on the ranch and community, and overall standards. 

Working Cowboy Spurs

The RHA Working Cowboy Award recipient receives a pair of decorated customized spurs. The spurs are built by spur maker 

Matt Humphreys

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Current Honorees

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Previous Honorees

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About the Event

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