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The National Golden Spur Award and the Ranching Heritage Association Working Cowboy Award are the most prestigious awards given by the ranching and livestock industries.  Annually, nominations are welcomed and considered by each award's respective selection committee.

2024 Nominations are closed.

Nominations may be submitted using the respective online form -or- by downloading the form and submitting by mail or email.


2024 Ranching Heritage Association
Working Cowboy Award

Can I supplement a previously-made nomination?

Yes, you may supplement nominations submitted in prior years or by other people with additional letters of recommendation, information, etc.

I nominated someone in a previous year.  Will that nomination be considered this year?

Yes, the committees "roll forward" nominations from the previous 3 years. The nomination requirements have expanded, so be sure to supplement or update your previous nomination submission to give your nominee the best opportunity at selection.

Does the nominee need to be living?

Previous recipients have always been then-living. It is up to the selection committees.

Can a nominee be from any state?

Yes, the awards seek to recognize the best in the nation and each selection committee encourages a diverse pool of candidates.

To whom can I ask questions about the nominations process?

Jim Bret Campbell with the Ranching Heritage Association and National Ranching Heritage Center is fielding questions. Call NRHC at (806) 742-0498 or email

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